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Rescue Puppy

A Local Family Owned Business

In the Beginning

Ruffing It was started in August 2004.  Our family, like many others has always had pets.  Dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and once even a baby skunk.  In 2002 when our entire family was leaving for a trip we realized we didn't have many options for our beloved furry family members.  That got us thinking, if we get to go on vacation, why shouldn't our pets?  This is when the idea for Ruffing It sparked.  Then after 2 years of extensive research and planning we opened the 1st ever daycare and overnight center in the area! We never imagined it would become what it is today.  In 2007 we added grooming to our business.  Today, we have 3 full time groomers with the convenience to have your dog groomed during their overnight stay or during their daycare day. 

Our Family

Ruffing It is a family owned business.  Owners, Jan Ress & Sue Christopherson started the business and hired their daughter Joy Hagen to run and manage the business.  Joy is now one of the owners.  Joy's children also work for Ruffing It in grooming and daycare/overnights.  As Grand Forks natives we are proud to have a business in this city that provides a needed service to our very important furry family members.  Stop in and introduce yourself!  We would love to meet you!

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